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Fake Hate Crime

PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 5:44 pm
by Groucho
This is not a proper quiz question. It is going down the route of Luvredwines,who I recall at least once faced a rebuke for his style of questions which tended to show his bias. I will be more specific. Although I could not access Trivia Ink at the time,because of the gremlins,I noted he was becoming more rabid in his criticism of the Democratic Party. Now,I am not asserting that politicians or any individual should be of limits for a bit of ribbing. It would be acceptable for example to ask a question such as “which politician tried to book into a hotel anonymously with his mistress by signing his name .........”? It would be acceptable especially,if in the example I gave,the name used provoked jollity. That is different to showing scorn under the guise of a question. Lest it be misconstrued,I do not condone the alleged behaviour of the subject of the question. The wording of the question leaves a lot to be desired.