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14 days 16 hours - 2021-02-104 / 6Groucho
The 1987 Hong Kong crime thriller “City on Fire” inspired what movie?
Answer: Reservoir Dogs
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec, Gandy Dancer2, charliebrown
12 days 23 hours - 2021-02-103 / 10Justmetoo
(Edited) Why was Ken Mattingly replaced on the Apollo 13 mission?
Answer: exposed to german measles
Answered by: Gandy Dancer2, Spec, Groucho
12 days 1 hours - 2021-02-103 / 3Spec
What is the Maori name for New Zealand?
Answer: Aotearoa
Answered by: Justmetoo, Gandy Dancer2, Groucho
11 days 23 hours - 2021-02-101 / 3Justmetoo
What future criminal was a summer camp councelor at the YMCA in the 1970's?
Answer: Mark David Chapman
Answered by: Spec
11 days 0 hours - 2021-02-103 / 6Groucho
Amethyst and Lodestone are birthstones associated with what day of the week?
Answer: Wednesday
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec, Gandy Dancer2
11 days 0 hours - 2021-02-103 / 3Groucho
Who was the last French king to be crowned at Reims?
Answer: Charles X
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec, Gandy Dancer2
11 days 20 hours - 2021-02-094 / 4Justmetoo
What U.S state has the highest household income?
Answer: Maryland
Answered by: Groucho, Spec, Gandy Dancer2, Don
10 days 0 hours - 2021-02-093 / 6Don
WHAT popular sitcom that ran from 2005 to 2013 included WHAT regular cast member who was a member of a popular rock band in the late '60s?
Answer: The Office Creed Bratton
Answered by: Justmetoo, Groucho, Spec
10 days 0 hours - 2021-02-094 / 20Don
Cross a Black Logan and a youngberry, and what do you get?
Answer: olallieberry
Answered by: Justmetoo, Groucho, Spec, Gandy Dancer2
9 days 23 hours - 2021-02-094 / 4Spec
The lead singer of what 80's band was featured in the "Real Men of Genius" series of Bud Light commercials?
Answer: Survivor
Answered by: Justmetoo, Groucho, Gandy Dancer2, Don
9 days 23 hours - 2021-02-094 / 4Spec
The national soccer team of what nation traditionally wear white jerseys with light blue vertical stripes?
Answer: Argentina
Answered by: Don, Justmetoo, Groucho, Gandy Dancer2
9 days 9 hours - 2021-02-094 / 7Justmetoo
Where is the largest colony of bats in the world?
Answer: Bracken Cave Texas
Answered by: Groucho, Spec, Gandy Dancer2, Don
9 days 10 hours - 2021-02-094 / 4Don
In a 1975 poll of Playboy readers, who did they select as the best rock drummer over Led Zeppelin's John Bonham?
Answer: Karen Carpenter
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec, Groucho, Gandy Dancer2
7 days 13 hours - 2021-02-093 / 3Groucho
What tubular feeding structure of the butterfly is analogous to a tongue?
Answer: Proboscis
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec, Gandy Dancer2
7 days 12 hours - 2021-02-090 / 46Groucho
What nickname is shared by the English city Birmingham and the Welsh city Cardiff?
Answer: The City of Dreadful Knights
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6 days 5 hours - 2021-02-092 / 2Groucho
What is the name of the present era in Japan?
Answer: Reiwa
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec
6 days 22 hours - 2021-02-082 / 2Justmetoo
During Hanukkah how many candles are lit through the entire 8 day celebration?
Answer: 44
Answered by: Groucho, Spec
4 days 3 hours - 2021-02-081 / 13Spec
NFL: Bill Belichick has won 8 Super Bowl rings from his years with the Giants and Patriots. Which 2 men have 7 Super Bowl rings?
Answer: Tom Brady Neal Dahlen
Answered by: Groucho
4 days 1 hours - 2021-02-082 / 2Spec
Who is the heaviest player to score an offensive touchdown in NFL history?
Answer: Vita Vea
Answered by: Justmetoo, Groucho
4 days 2 hours - 2021-02-082 / 7Groucho
What creature from Greek mythology is depicted in Salvador Dali’s painting “Honey is Sweeter than Blood”?
Answer: Centaur
Answered by: Spec, Justmetoo