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4 days 13 hours - 2019-08-123 / 4Spec
The theme music for the video game Tetris?
Answer: Korobeiniki
Answered by: Justmetoo, charliebrown, Don
4 days 5 hours - 2019-08-122 / 5Justmetoo
Studies show that bone fractures occur most often in which part of the human body?
Answer: Wrist
Answered by: Spec, charliebrown
4 days 5 hours - 2019-08-123 / 3charliebrown
Tom Petty-Mike Campbell composition recorded by Lone Justice?
Answer: Ways to be Wicked
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec, Don
4 days 5 hours - 2019-08-124 / 4Groucho
What is the name of Thursday Next’s pet dodo?
Answer: Pickwick
Answered by: charliebrown, Justmetoo, Spec, Don
3 days 22 hours - 2019-08-122 / 6Groucho
Poetry: Basil Bunting’s poem “Briggflatts” opens with an epigraph reading “The spuggies are fledged”. What are the spuggies?
Answer: Little sparrows
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec
3 days 21 hours - 2019-08-123 / 8Groucho
If the name of a female character in a Thomas Hardy novel is added to the first word in the title of an unfinished novel by a 19th century Scottish author,the result is the name of a British comedian and actress. What is her name?
Answer: Arabella Weir
Answered by: charliebrown, Justmetoo, Spec
4 days 1 hours - 2019-08-121 / 6Groucho
Astronomy: What was the first ‘centaur’ to be discovered,although it was not given that designation,as it was not recognized as a member of a distinct group of celestial bodies,until many years later?
Answer: 944 Hidalgo
Answered by: Spec
3 days 15 hours - 2019-08-111 / 7Groucho
Who was the first footballer to score a goal for both sides in a World Cup match?
Answer: Ernie Brandts
Answered by: Spec
3 days 23 hours - 2019-08-113 / 4Justmetoo
In 1947 the animated version Elsie the cow had a son what was his name?
Answer: Beauregard
Answered by: Groucho, Spec, Don
2 days 17 hours - 2019-08-114 / 6Justmetoo
What is the technical term for a chef's hat?
Answer: toque blanche
Answered by: Spec, charliebrown, Groucho, Don
2 days 23 hours - 2019-08-114 / 4Spec
What is the only metal that will melt harmlessly in one's hand then solidify once released?
Answer: gallium
Answered by: Justmetoo, charliebrown, Gandy Dancer2, Don
2 days 23 hours - 2019-08-114 / 9Spec
Mary Poppins (1964): What is the first item that Mary Poppins pulls out of her magic carpet bag in the film?
Answer: hat stand
Answered by: Justmetoo, Groucho, charliebrown, Don
2 days 23 hours - 2019-08-113 / 9Spec
What movie was re-released with weapons digitally replaced by walkie-talkies?
Answer: ET the Extra-Terrestrial
Answered by: Justmetoo, Groucho, Don
2 days 23 hours - 2019-08-114 / 4Spec
Commonality: Willie Nelson, Icehouse, Aerosmith, and Seal?
Answer: Crazy
Answered by: Justmetoo, charliebrown, Groucho, Don
2 days 9 hours - 2019-08-113 / 12Spec
Who is the first character to mention the Emperor in Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)?
Answer: Grand Moff Tarkin
Answered by: Justmetoo, charliebrown, Groucho
3 days 0 hours - 2019-08-102 / 2Groucho
Luchino Visconti’s first film as a director,was an adaptation of what novel?
Answer: The Postman Always Rings Twice
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec
2 days 12 hours - 2019-08-101 / 13Groucho
In music,two dots placed either side of a note,indicates that it’s value is to be increased by how much?
Answer: Three quarters
Answered by: Spec
2 days 13 hours - 2019-08-102 / 5Groucho
Who holds the record for competing in the most Grand Prix races without a win? Number?
Answer: Andrea de Cesaris 208
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec
2 days 13 hours - 2019-08-101 / 14Groucho
In what area in Stoke-on-Trent,Staffordshire,would one come across a street named after the inventor of Esperanto?
Answer: Smallthorne
Answered by: Spec
2 days 12 hours - 2019-08-103 / 4Groucho
What is the name of the music critic who is said to have described the Beatles as the greatest songwriters since Schubert?
Answer: William Mann
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec, charliebrown