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56 days 19 hours - 2021-05-101 / 1Spec
Commonality: Joan Crawford and Kate Winslet?
Answer: Mildred Pierce
Answered by: Justmetoo
55 days 23 hours - 2021-05-072 / 20Clanceman2
WHAT ghost story would Mark Twain reference while on tours explaining how to properly tell a story?
Answer: The Golden Arm
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec
55 days 19 hours - 2021-05-074 / 6Justmetoo
What is missing from the face of the Mona Lisa painting?
Answer: eyebrows
Answered by: Clanceman2, Spec, Gandy Dancer2, charliebrown
55 days 6 hours - 2021-05-073 / 3Clanceman2
In the movie Balboa, Rocky gave someone a free meal at his restaurant and the guy went into the kitchen to do dishes. Who was it?
Answer: Spider Rico
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec, charliebrown
55 days 6 hours - 2021-05-073 / 3Clanceman2
A 3-D rendering of WHAT became an early internet sensation after becoming popularized on the television show Ally McBeal?
Answer: Dancing Baby
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec, charliebrown
41 days 4 hours - 2021-05-072 / 17Clanceman2
On the Wonder Twins cartoon, more often than anything else Zan merely transformed into simple "WATER!". What animal did Jana transform into more than anything else?
Answer: eagle
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec
31 days 7 hours - 2021-05-052 / 8Spec
What 1990 music video featured Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, and Christy Turlington?
Answer: Freedom 90
Answered by: Justmetoo, Clanceman2
31 days 12 hours - 2021-05-012 / 4Don
Academy Awards: Who has the longest time period between their first and second Oscar wins?
Answer: Helen Hayes
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec
24 days 19 hours - 2021-05-012 / 3Don
Before Guinness eliminated the category, what two rivers competed for the title of "World's Shortest River"?
Answer: D Roe
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec
24 days 14 hours - 2021-05-010 / 25Don
What was a major flaw in the first commercial antiperspirant?
Answer: it ate through clothes
Answered by:
27 days 20 hours - 2021-04-282 / 2Justmetoo
What country opened the first elderly retirement home for dogs?
Answer: Japan
Answered by: Spec, Clanceman2
26 days 22 hours - 2021-04-283 / 3Spec
What term is used for a watercraft with two parallel hulls of equal size?
Answer: catamaran
Answered by: Justmetoo, Clanceman2, Don
26 days 7 hours - 2021-04-283 / 3Spec
What is the most common term used for a four-dimensional hypercube?
Answer: tesseract
Answered by: Justmetoo, Clanceman2, Don
28 days 2 hours - 2021-04-261 / 22Justmetoo
Before toothpaste was invented what did people clean their teeth with?
Answer: charcoal
Answered by: Spec
28 days 6 hours - 2021-04-263 / 3Clanceman2
WHAT is the largest public beach in Boston harbor?
Answer: Wollaston Beach
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec, Don
22 days 2 hours - 2021-04-261 / 11Clanceman2
WHAT board game that was first released in the 21st century has sold the most copies?
Answer: Ticket to Ride
Answered by: Justmetoo
22 days 2 hours - 2021-04-261 / 40Clanceman2
WHAT is the largest suburb in Munster?
Answer: Castletroy Limerick Ireland
Answered by: Spec
22 days 2 hours - 2021-04-263 / 3Clanceman2
WHAT was the first original Disney song to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song?
Answer: When You Wish Upon a Star
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec, Don
21 days 12 hours - 2021-04-262 / 27Clanceman2
WHERE is the world's largest collection of comic books located?
Answer: Library of Congress
Answered by: Spec, Don
25 days 6 hours - 2021-04-223 / 13Justmetoo
What is the most commonly used nickname in American sports?
Answer: Eagles
Answered by: Clanceman2, Spec, Don