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17 days 12 hours - 2019-10-241 / 23Don
Of the 25 cities in Italy with the worst air quality, only one isn’t in the northern part of the country. City?
Answer: Frosinone
Answered by: Justmetoo
25 days 2 hours - 2019-10-163 / 7Spec
What contest awards a "pittance" to the composer of the worst opening line of a novel?
Answer: Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest
Answered by: Justmetoo, charliebrown, Don
25 days 20 hours - 2019-10-150 / 7Justmetoo
At noon the sun is said to be WHAT in its journey through the sky?
Answer: apogee
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25 days 20 hours - 2019-10-152 / 2Justmetoo
What country has the hottest and coldest temperatures on South America?
Answer: Argentina
Answered by: Spec, Don
25 days 22 hours - 2019-10-153 / 3Spec
What is the name of the font used for the title of Stranger Things?
Answer: ITC Benguiat
Answered by: Justmetoo, charliebrown, Don
25 days 22 hours - 2019-10-153 / 5Spec
What was the first bird to pass the mirror test?
Answer: Eurasian magpie
Answered by: Justmetoo, charliebrown, Don
25 days 22 hours - 2019-10-153 / 3Spec
Actors who portray what movie character are contractually forbidden to wear a tuxedo in other films in which they appear?
Answer: James Bond
Answered by: Justmetoo, charliebrown, Don
25 days 0 hours - 2019-10-140 / 2Don
What four cities defined the area in which Federal Express chose to make its hub? Which two cities were the two finalists? In one word, what eliminated the runner-up?
Answer: Cincinnati Memphis Nashville St Louis Memphis Smyrna fog
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24 days 23 hours - 2019-10-141 / 32Don
How do you convert a Celsius temperature to a Fahrenheit temperature?
Answer: Double the Celsius temperature subtract 10 percent and add 32
Answered by: Spec
25 days 0 hours - 2019-10-143 / 6Don
The Hudsucker Proxy: (Ignore the apostrophes) What song is the angel Waring Hudsucker singing as he approaches Norville Barnes, suspended in mid-air?
Answer: Shell Be Coming Round the Mountain
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec, charliebrown
25 days 0 hours - 2019-10-141 / 9Don
NCAA football: What quarterback threw nine touchdown passes in a game this season, but his team still lost?
Answer: Anthony Gordon
Answered by: Spec
29 days 1 hours - 2019-10-102 / 2Spec
What is the name of the award given to the last-place finisher in the Tour de France?
Answer: Lanterne Rouge
Answered by: Justmetoo, Don
27 days 8 hours - 2019-10-091 / 1Justmetoo
What comedy is set in occupied Poland during WW2 and featuring stage actors matching wits with Nazis?
Answer: To Be or Not To Be
Answered by: Spec
27 days 8 hours - 2019-10-092 / 2Spec
Lady Gaga's next album will reportedly be named after what other singer?
Answer: Adele
Answered by: Justmetoo, charliebrown
26 days 10 hours - 2019-10-091 / 1Spec
In a currently popular video game, the sole purpose of what kind of bird appears to be bothering the residents of a quaint English village?
Answer: goose
Answered by: Justmetoo
15 days 23 hours - 2019-10-091 / 2Justmetoo
What word is the opposite of ambidextrous?
Answer: ambisinister
Answered by: Spec
15 days 14 hours - 2019-10-092 / 2Spec
What song often accompanied the "Mannequin Challenge" videos popular in 2016?
Answer: Black Beatles
Answered by: Justmetoo, Don
15 days 6 hours - 2019-10-092 / 5Spec
What art movement derived its random name from a French word for "rocking horse"?
Answer: dadaism
Answered by: Justmetoo, Don
15 days 5 hours - 2019-10-091 / 1Spec
The queens of what species are the insects with the longest lifespan?
Answer: termites
Answered by: Justmetoo
15 days 17 hours - 2019-10-081 / 1Justmetoo
In National Velvet, Velvets mother provides the entrance fee for the horse race out of her winnings for doing what?
Answer: Swimming the English Channel
Answered by: Spec