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What is the name of Thursday Next’s pet dodo?
Poetry: Basil Bunting’s poem “Briggflatts” opens with an epigraph reading “The spuggies are fledged”. What are the spuggies?
Little sparrows
If the name of a female character in a Thomas Hardy novel is added to the first word in the title of an unfinished novel by a 19th century Scottish author,the result is the name of a British comedian and actress. What is her name?
Arabella Weir
Astronomy: What was the first ‘centaur’ to be discovered,although it was not given that designation,as it was not recognized as a member of a distinct group of celestial bodies,until many years later?
944 Hidalgo
Who was the first footballer to score a goal for both sides in a World Cup match?
Ernie Brandts