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At the 2021 Australian Open Men’s singles quarterfinal Rafael Nadal was beaten by Stefanos Tsitsipas,who clinched victory after being two sets behind. This was the second time that Nadal was defeated in a Grand Slam after leading from two sets.Who was the first person to beat Nadal in a Grand Slam,after coming back from two sets down?
Fabio Fognini
What short-lived title in the Peerage of Spain,was a reference to a treaty that brought an end to the War of the Pyrenees in 1795?
Prince of the Peace
What is the poetic name for Lake Nemi?
Dianas Mirror
In Fay Weldon’s 2000 novel “The Bulgari Connection”,it was stipulated that the author mention the name of the Italian brand 12 times. How many times did she end up mentioning the name ‘Bulgari’?
What is the name of the Parisian restaurant,where the jury awarding the Prix Goncourt convene?