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What song relates the story of a poor young man who loves a wealthy man’s daughter, goes to Alaska in hopes of finding gold, and, not finding any, lies about it, returns home and sells his worthless claim to the wealthy man, and marries the daughter while his greedy father-in-law goes to Alaska and searches fruitlessly for the gold that isn’t there?
Saginaw Michigan
After the President, what U.S. federal government official makes the second-highest salary?
Postmaster General
What U.S. synchronized swimming team is appropriately named, because the animal included in the team name represents the young version of the team founder’s surname? Team founder’s name?
Cygnets of San Antonio Margaret Swan
IN SUMMATION: (The numerical portion of a man’s name in the title of a George Lucas film) + (The number of difficulties faced by Antoine and his best friend Rene) + (The number of Spartans at Thermopylae) + (The number of hours mentioned in a movie title about a trapped mountain climber in Moab) + (The number that the baseball player who broke the color barrier wore) + (The number of guys that Danny gets together for a Las Vegas casino heist) + (The number mentioned in the title of a movie about a guy who rallies against an oppressive nurse in a mental institution) = WHAT?
What diving event was contested at only one Olympics?
Plunge for distance