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What year was the first time the Stanley Cup final series ended in a tie, meaning neither team was awarded the Cup? Reason?
1919 Spanish flu
A material that could provide a major economic boon to a poor country isn’t being harvested in the volumes it could be for fear of damaging the geographic feature that sits on top of it. Material? Country? Geographic feature?
Lithium Bolivia Salar de Uyuni
What 13-year-old swimmer met his hero, Michael Phelps, then proceeded to beat Phelps years later at the Olympics?
Joseph Schooling
What horse was a foundation sire of the horse breed that participates in a race named in his honor?
Hambletonian 10
What scientist received accolades from the likes of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and August Strindberg?
Carl Linnaeus