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(Answer not found on the internet) Decades ago, when I got a long and fairly deep cut on my arm after falling down, I went to a minor emergency clinic. After looking at the wound, the nurse said it'd require a suture. What did I say in response, causing that nurse and two other nurses to laugh uproariously (a comma after the first word, and a period after the second word and after the last word, since I can't remember how Trivia Ink handles commas and periods)?
Oh good I thought it needed stitches
What famous photograph includes two men on a motor scooter, one who was the cousin of the man that the subject of the photo later married, and the other the business partner of a second man that, decades later, the subject of the photo married?
American Girl in Italy
What brand of beer, started in the 19th century, has a name that in an Indian language means "pleasant valley"?
WHO, in an American novel, disguised as a girl, is revealed to not be a female by the way he uses his legs to catch an item thrown at him?
Huckleberry Finn
Whose star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is located in front of a theater where, long before she became famous, she was fired from her job as an usherette?
Carol Burnett