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MLB: What happened for the first time in major-league history on Tuesday, August 11, 2015?
All the home teams won
Seinfeld: When Kramer is reasoning out George's ATM code, what three incorrect guesses does he make (in the order that he makes them)?
Ovaltine Hersheys Nestles Quik
NFL: Based on a four-year quirk related to the Philadelphia Eagles, which team (team name only) should win the 2014 Super Bowl?
When this author's first book was made into a movie, one of the proposed names for the movie was "The President's Concubine." (In the end, they ended up just using the book title.) Author? Book title?
David Baldacci Absolute Power
College football: Baylor has complete 179 passes in compiling a 9-0 record so far this season. How many of the completed passes were to running backs?