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What Beatles song can be described as a love song to a person that the singer might or might not have yet met?
I Will
According to the 2010 census, and starting with the smallest and ending with the largest, what are the four least-populated cities/towns/boroughs (names and states (US postal abbreviation)) that are the sites of current NFL stadiums?
East Rutherford NJ Foxborough MA Landover MD Orchard Park NY
The Queen's Gambit: The epic final match between Beth Harmon and Vasily Borgov is based on an actual chess match contested by whom (alphabetically by last name)?
Vasyl Ivanchuk Patrick Wolff
Who was the only guest star on The Muppet Show who passed away before his/her appearance was broadcast?
Zero Mostel
What toy was accidentally invented during the process of trying to create a meter to monitor power on battleships?